About BGR Construction

B.G.R. Construction, Inc. is a family owned commercial concrete construction company located in Wauconda, IL. Bernie and Diane Reich started BGR in 1987 as a general contracting and concrete contracting company.

Over the years BGR has grown from 3 employees to 25 during peak times. We now specialize in all types of concrete construction from driveways to multi story commercial buildings.

Bernie has over 45 years of experience in the trades and is owner and founder of BGR. Bernie got his start in construction building houses and moved into concrete construction in the early 80s. He oversees the entire operation and works tirelessly to keep our jobs running smoothly.

Diane has her Master’s degree from NIU, is co-founder of BGR and runs the office operations including HR, Payroll, A/P and A/R.

Bernie Jr. worked summers for BGR during high school in the “trenches” as a laborer. After earning his Bachelors’ degree in business marketing with a concentration in sales, Bernie started working full time for BGR in 2012 as Vice President of Sales. He now runs the sales department, bidding department, and he oversees our field operations.

BGR employees are well versed in all types of concrete work and we pride ourselves on our hard work ethic and drive to build the best foundation for your new project!