Knuckleboom Crane and
Gar-Bro Bucket

Our Palfinger ® PK 3200 Crane is utilized for form and material placement. With over 66 ft. of reach it can place materials most anywhere on the jobsite. Our Gar-Bro bucket attachment helps with concrete placement in hard to reach areas.


BGR’s E80 Backhoe is the largest rubber track machine on the market. We use it to dig small additions, to do demolition work, and to install helical piers.

Service Trucks

BGR’s fleet of six service trucks allows us to bring all the necessary tools and materials to the jobsite. With the addition of two brand new trucks in 2019 we are ready to take on any project


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Concrete Pump

With our concrete pump we are able to place concrete over large distances with ease. Yet another service that makes BGR versatile and helps with speed and accuracy of your project.

Laser Screed

Our 12’ wide ScreedSaver Max® blade creates unparalleled flat floors at high speeds. Our screed can cover 225 square feet/per pass. By using our laser screed to finish concrete BGR has the ability to reach high FF/FL tolerances.

Dump Trucks

From machine hauling to material handling and placement, BGR’s four dump trucks are used for a variety of tasks and help to keep your job running smoothly.

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Conveyor-Telebelt® TB 50

Our Telebelt ® conveyor is used to quickly and efficiently place materials. Whether it be stone, concrete or flowable fill we are able to use our “in house” conveyor services to place these types of materials quickly.

Riding Trowels/Troweling Machines

BGR has ample riding trowels and troweling machines to service your flatwork needs. Many types and styles of troweling machines are utilized to create the best finish completed by our experienced crew.

Skid Steers

BGR Construction owns four skid steers which allows us to work on several jobsites at the same time. These workhorses of the company, are a vital part of our equipment fleet. They are used for many different purposes, including moving all types of jobsite materials.

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