Memory Care Facility
Franklin, WI

BGR provided the Foundation, Flatwork and Sitework for this 2-story, 36,323 square foot Memory Care facility in Franklin, WI.

Utilizing our Symons® forms, skid steers, conveyor, crane, and riding trowels we were able to complete the foundation and flatwork in 3 months’ time.

This project was done during peak summer hours; during summertime temperatures BGR uses retarders and ice to control the concrete setting time which allows for a quality finish.

Senior Center
Wheeling, IL

We completed a 4 story, 110,000 square foot Memory Care Facility in Wheeling, IL. BGR did the intricate structural foundation, flatwork for all 4 stories, and the sitework including approaches, patios, bollards, curbs and sidewalks.

We also provided crane services to set the wall panels for the building. This foundation had a large amount of rebar and it took all of our expertise in rebar cutting, installation and tying to complete.

We used just about all of our equipment on this job including our knuckleboom crane, cable crane, conveyor, service trucks, dump trucks, skid steers, lasers, trowels, our scoot crete concrete buggy, and air compressors.

Hunuman Mandir Spiritual Center
Glenview, IL

In 2015 we were tasked with the job of erecting a 17’ foundation in Glenview, IL. As safety is always on the forefront of our minds, we built a scaffold per OSHA regulations with handrails to ensure our workers were safe.

Pictured is 300 feet of foundation wall that was poured in one day. Through sound construction, bracing, and vibration methods we ensured that there was no incidence of blow outs or honeycombing. We the stripped, framed, and poured the other half of the wall in the same manner.

BGR also poured 50,650 square feet of basement floor and mezzanine deck, along with pan stairs and elevator pit foundations. Our Palfinger® knuckleboom crane was vital to the success of this job in hoisting and delivering concrete forms and materials.

Gardner School
Lincolnshire/Schaumburg, IL

BGR completed two new Gardner Schools in 2017-18. The work included the foundation, flatwork and sitework.

A unique aspect of this project was the installation of a 15 mil vapor barrier below a #3 rebar mat on top of chairs.

BGR’s outstanding labor force prepped, poured and sawcut the 22,500 square foot slab in just 3 days’ time. Using our laser screed helped accelerate the pour and provide superior flat work.

Lombard, IL

BGR Construction worked on this 3-story school addition in Lombard, IL in 2018-19.

The foundation was particularly difficult due to the amount of rebar and the tight working conditions. We also installed the flatwork including 2” toppings over precast concrete.

As with every job safety was a huge concern during this project. We had to made sure to adhere to a special schedule centering around the school day. No concrete was delivered when the children were arriving or leaving the school. Even with this constraint we were able to stay on schedule.

Elim Romanian Church Of Chicago

We provided the foundation and flatwork for the Romanian Church of Chicago. This project was built on a small, confined space and required the use of our conveyor many times during this project. The foundation was one of the most challenging foundations to date requiring over 120 tons of rebar.

The footings were 11-16’ wide and up to 3’ deep with 12’ x 12’ piers. The walls varied from 12’to 14’ tall with 13’ tall corner bar rebar. To help the other tradesmen on the job we poured all but an 18’section of the foundation wall leaving enough space to move trucks in and out and other equipment as needed. We then closed up the foundation wall after everyone completed their work.

Car Dealerships

BGR has completed more than 10 large scale car dealerships, making this type of project one of our highest volume markets. Our latest project is a ground up 2-story 150,000 square foot addition to a dealership in Schaumburg, IL. This project includes the foundation, flatwork, site work, and the remodel of the existing dealership. The foundation included radius walls, 200+ precast embeds and 56 bolt settings that we set, installed, and grouted.

TLE Academy Buildings

These 10,000 square foot structures were framed, poured and stripped in two weeks’ time. Despite an abundance of plumbing and electrical piping throughout the structures, BGR was able to maintain high floor flatness values. Each project included the foundation and flatwork. We utilized our conveyor and skid steers on this job as well as our service trucks.